Will NFL Ratings Will Bounce Back?

Much like every other portion of the 2017-2018 season, the ratings of the Super Bowl saw a significant dip from a year ago.

However, what is worth speculating are the two major reasons why the ratings are sure to bounce back next season.

The list of players injured this past season may have beaten both the Patriots and Eagles if they were to assemble a team.

After Aaron Rodgers went down this year the Packers were still forced on national television displaying their pathetic offense, once Rodgers returns the Packers will return to must-see TV weekly.

who could end up becoming the biggest star in the sport by the time next year concludes.

Fans are constantly hearing about the players, moves, quotes, and rumors of the NBA, therefore, they are more intrigued to turn on a game come game time.

To go along with the all the possible player movement, this past Super Bowl has already produced an unlimited amount of storylines leading up to next year.

It really began back with Seth Wickersham’s report, but has now been followed up by wait for it Rob Gronkowski possibly retiring, Bill Belichick possibly retiring, Josh McDaniels’ spurning of the Colts, and outside the Patriots, the Eagles possible quarterback controversy.