The Cardinals are just too good

On May 20, the day their loss pushed them to that 18-22 mark, the Pirates were nine games back of the Cardinals in the National League Central.

Since then, in that 61-28 run, that stretch of baseball that would result in a 111-51 mark if sustained over an entire season, the Pirates have picked up all of four games on St.

It’s tough to imagine that a team that showed the amount of flaws, played the amount of lackluster baseball that the Bucs did for the first quarter of the season would go on a run like the one they’ve put together.

They’ve barely given ground, even as the Pirates kept winning and winning and winning.

In short, no matter what the season has thrown at them, the Cardinals have simply shrugged it off, barely staggered and continued their march.

They’re simply doing what needs to be done to win baseball games.

Their starting pitching has been spectacular almost all season, but now that it has started to flag ever so slightly, the Cards merely have started hitting to compensate.

The Cardinals are just finding ways to win, as the cliche goes, and it really does seem like whoever they plug into the lineup on a given night seems to help a victorious effort.

That simply has not happened and doesn’t seem especially likely to start now, unless the Pirates can take matters into their own hands.

It won’t matter that they will play the last 120 games of the season at an obscene pace.