NFL teams are failing often

While we’re still two months away from the official start of NFL draft season, the dreaded Anonymous Scouts, the internet trolls of the draft process, are out in full force, offering blistering takes on the latest class of prospects.

If scouts are saying stuff like that about Darnold, who is your prototypical quarterback prospect, imagine what these scouts are saying about the other prospects who don’t have The Look.

Lamar Jackson isn’t white or tall, so he’s raw, too skinny and can’t operate in a pro style offense.

Wyoming’s Josh Allen should be in that group, but he’s tall, white and has a cannon for an arm; instead, he’s a sure-fire first-round pick and will probably go in the Top 10.

“The evaluators I’ve spoken with have questions about his instincts and anticipation in the passing game, and his ability to process within the context of a pro offense, and still believe he’s more thrower than passer He was seen as raw as a quarterback going into 2016, and the feeling on that remains the same.” So, basically, what these quarterbacks did on the field in 2017 you know, while actually playing the game of football does not matter to these scouts.

I find it hard to believe that if Jackson looked a certain way, these questions about his “ability to process within the context of a pro offense” would still persist.

And there are plenty of examples of Jackson operating out of the pocket and going through his progressions like an NFL quarterback.

But saying “he’s more of a thrower than a passer” and questioning his ability to process information sounds a lot like code.