Mayhugh named to US Paralympic National Team

Paralympic National Team 14-man roster, earning the honor of competing in the 2017 IFCPF CP Football World Championships in San Luis, Argentina from Sept.

After what was a life changing summer on-and-off the pitch with the USPNT, being selected as one of the 14 guys to the roster for the World Championships is such an honor and an amazing feeling.” The USA enters the tournament with its best world ranking at No.

It’s the most difficult group in the tournament based on average world ranking.

“As a team, we have made big strides in the right direction in a very little amount of time and I’m eager to see it all come together with such a talented group of guys in this tournament.

A seventh-place finish at last summer’s Paralympics earned the USA a spot in this summer’s World Championships.

The field features all eight squads from last summer’s tournament in Rio as well as eight teams from the 2016 IFCPF World Championship Qualification Tournament.

Teams are currently only allowed to have one FT8 player on the field at a time and must have at least two FT5 or FT6 players on the field.

“To be given the opportunity to wear the crest and represent my country on the world stage is something I have dreamed of since I first started playing soccer,” Mayhugh added.