Heating up the Winter Olympics

Although a lot of people seem concerned at the political activities that are taking place at the Winter Olympics being held in PyeongChang South Korea the sports still manages to take center stage. There are a lot of stories coming out of the Olympic village where the athletes are staying. Thanks to Samsung, the Olympians can share their experiences with the rest of the world. The cellphone manufacturer donated more than 4,000 special edition Galaxy Note 8 phones to the athletes and the administrators.

A Hot Story

Africa has sent the largest team of athletes ever to the winter Olympics. The Olympians from the hot continent are heating up the environment in the nippy PyeongChang province. Although they are representing countries that do not naturally have the best conditions to train for winter games, the athletes are here to win. There is no athlete that competes with the hope of losing. Did you know that you can place your bets on non- athletic events at newzealandcasinos.co.nz and stand a chance to win big.

Unlike the majority of the teams in Pyeongchang, the Africans are mainly debutantes to the winter Olympics. They are already recorded breakers by making it to the Winter Olympics. Most of #TeamAfrica are the first people to represent their countries in the event they are participating in.

Already A Winner

This is a blessing and curse situation for the stars from Africa. They are coming to the Olympics already heroes in their homeland. The road to the Olympics was not easy for the majority of African Winter Olympians. Getting to the Olympics is already a great victory for most of them. To place your bets on Olympics visit www.slotscasinos.ca and stand a chance to win big.

Sometimes knowing that you have already done enough to earn the respect and the recognition of your peers and mentors causes people not to give that little extra effort that wins competitions. And at the Olympics, it is that extra push that breaks records. And the biggest record to be broken is that of being the first African to win a medal at the Olympics. Real money gamblers have already set the odds of that happening and are enjoying betting on the prospect.