Cameron slams U.S. Soccer

Soccer for creating a “poisonous divide” between MLS and European-based players, while also expanding on his criticism of former U.S.

Cameron recently said that Jurgen Klinsmann would have qualified the U.S.

And in a column for The Players’ Tribune on Friday, the defender wrote that Klinsmann believed any promising young American playing in MLS rather than Europe was a “wasted opportunity.” And ahead of the national federation’s presidential election on Saturday, Cameron says the USSF’s next leaders should be more open to young players moving to Europe.

Soccer have created a poisonous divide between the MLS players and the so-called ‘European’ players, and until that culture is torn down, the USMNT will continue to slide backwards,” he wrote.

But Cameron said the coach “did not adapt to a changing soccer culture” and instituted a sense of complacency with his player selection.

“After Jurgen Klinsmann was fired, and Bruce Arena took over, we got too comfortable,” Cameron wrote.

“I had my differences with Jurgen over the years, but the one thing you cannot deny is that Jurgen and his staff brought a sense of true professional competitiveness and ambition to the national team.