2018 NBA March Madness

We are in the last month of the season, and the vast diversity of team outcomes at this stage of the season can lead to extremely high variance in player fantasy performance.

However, no one can convince me that they could have foreseen Taurean Prince turning in a game with more points and assists than his previous three games combined.

Big men on bad teams lead the way for fantasy hoops waiver-wire pickups We knew that Harden was going to sit on Sunday, but Kyrie Irving sitting out the second half of his game caught most off guard, even though he had missed the previous Monday.

The Brooklyn Nets and Dallas Mavericks are two examples of lottery-bound teams just not playing well on a given day, and essentially succumbing to poundings against teams that are gearing up for the playoffs, and thus, depressing the fantasy value of their own players.

The final month of the NBA season is analogous to Weeks 16 and 17 in the NFL for fantasy purposes.